Do Online Hotel Reservations Cost More

Do online hotel reservations cost more than booking one in person? For many, the answer is yes. The truth is that there are pros and cons to both methods.

The decision you make regarding how you book a hotel depends heavily on your preferences and budget. Here, we’ll explore how online reservations can be more expensive – and what other costs to consider when choosing how to book your stay.

Extra Fees for Online Bookings

Do Online Hotel Reservations Cost More

One of the main benefits of making an online hotel reservation is convenience—you’re able to search potential properties quickly and even compare prices without ever leaving home.

However, many hotels impose extra fees for those who make reservations directly through their website or through a third-party site such as Expedia or

These fees can range from $10-$50 per night, depending on the accommodations and amenities you select. Furthermore, some hotels will have hidden added expenses such as resort fees or cancellation penalties that aren’t immediately clear during the booking process.

No Discounts for Online Reservations

If you plan on making a reservation at a particular hotel chain multiple times throughout the year, chances are you could benefit from joining their loyalty program with discounted rates for members.

Most loyalty programs don’t offer discounts when reserving online; instead they provide special incentives that may include free breakfast, complimentary internet access or late checkout privileges.

All of which can mean additional savings if utilized properly while still providing more value than discounted rates would offer by themselves.

Lack of Personal Assistance with On-line Bookings

When booking in-person at a hotel front desk, generally speaking there is someone available to answer any questions you may have regarding your stay – such as what time check-in is or if it’s possible to get an earlier check-in time than what was initially booked.

When making reservations online however, customer service becomes limited and often difficult to obtain due to delays in response time (if one is received at all).

In addition, if something goes wrong with your booking or if there’s an issue with your accommodations upon arrival due to misinformation provided within the website such as incorrect room sizes or missing amenities.

Then resolving these issues can be hard without onsite personnel ready to help resolve them quickly in person rather than over email correspondence only.

Overall, although making an online reservation may seem like the quicker and cheaper route in some cases.

It may not work out that way when taking into account all of the extra fees involved along with any unforeseen problems that might arise during your stay due to lack of personal customer service assistance which could wind up costing more money overall once everything has been factored into the equation

Are Online Hotel Reservations More Expensive?

In some cases, booking a hotel room online can save money over traditional methods, as hotels often promote discounts and offers on their websites or through third-party sites like Hotwire and Priceline.

However, in other cases it may be more expensive to book online since there may not be any discounts available or you could be charged an additional fee.

Factors That Can Affect Online Hotel Reservations Costs

The costs associated with your online hotel reservation will vary depending on a few factors:

• Promotional offers: Many hotels are offering discounts and special promotions when you book directly through their website or app. Be sure to shop around and look for these deals before making your reservation.

• Third-party fees: If you’re using a third-party site such as Expedia or to make your reservation, they may tack on additional fees which can increase the overall cost of your stay.

• Cancellation policies: Always read the cancellation policy before booking to ensure no extra fees will apply if you need to cancel or change dates due to unforeseen circumstances.

Some hotels also offer flexible rates that allow for worry-free cancellations within 24 hours of check-in time, another way to potentially save money during peak season or holiday stays.

Tips for Finding Lower Rates When Booking Online Hotels

• Shop around: Don’t book with the first price that you see without comparing it with prices from other reliable sources such as review websites or smaller chain properties in your destination city. You could find lower rates by exploring alternate options.

• Join rewards programs: Look into signing up for loyalty programs such as those offered by major chains like Hilton Honors and Marriott Rewards – they offer exclusive discounts and bonuses when reserving accommodation via their platforms instead of other sites like Orbitz or HotelsCombined.

It pays off in even more ways if you sign up with an airline loyalty program too – they often have partnered with specific hotels which can help save money when trying to bundle airfare + rooms packages together ahead of time!

• Use coupon codes: Coupon codes are sometimes available when booking directly with hotels’ websites; being aware of them can result in significant savings off total costs associated with staying at particular places throughout vacation planning process!

Make sure do diligent research though–you don’t want end up paying for anything not necessary just because wasn’t aware what deals were available out there (or accidentally take advantage of shady loopholes designed by companies).

In conclusion – while booking online might seem like an expense initially, savvy shoppers may be able to find cheaper rates through special deals or extras such as complimentary breakfast vouchers included within package already purchased!

Do research before committing any reservation–it could end up saving money over time enables traveler enjoy better quality accommodation visit fully equipped budget constraints seemed prohibitively expensive begin with!