How Do I Get a Discount on Booking Hotel
How Do I Get a Discount on Booking Hotel

How do i get a discount on booking hotel? For most of us, booking a hotel can be expensive. But with the right planning and knowledge, it is possible to get discounts on booking hotels.

In this article, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks that can help you get a good discount when booking a hotel room.

How Do I Get a Discount on Booking Hotel?

How Do I Get a Discount on Booking Hotel
How Do I Get a Discount on Booking Hotel

Getting a discount on booking a hotel can be an extremely difficult task. Prices can be astronomical and it’s hard to find good deals out there.

But don’t worry, there are several ways you can get a discount on booking a hotel. Here are some tips:

Compare Prices on Different Hotel Booking Sites

The first thing you should do when trying to find the best deal on a hotel room is to compare prices on different booking sites.

There are many websites out there like, Expedia and which can offer great deals and discounts from one another.

Many times, even a price difference of just 5-10% can add up if you book for more nights or multiple rooms and end up giving you a decent savings overall.

Know When To Book For The Best Deals

One way to guarantee yourself the best deals when searching for hotels is to book in advance — both online in advance as well as walk-in reservations.

Generally speaking, weekdays tend to be cheaper than weekends, so keep this in mind if your travel plans are flexible enough that you can plan around peak times – such as school or holiday seasons – or take advantage of last minute offers distributed via social media or loyalty programs during slow days at the hotel(s).

Another tip: although it’s usually less expensive to book non-refundable rates directly through the website than through third parties (like Expedia), be sure to read all terms and conditions carefully before confirming any transactions — with either method — because refunds may not easily accessible or free at all!

Check For Promotions And Discount Codes

Before you book anything online it’s always advisable to search promo codes before making your purchase – these are usually offered by companies for loyalty rewards but sometimes may also be featured specially in online search engine results depending on who is sponsoring them at any given time.

Also take advantage of seasonal promotional offers from large companies like Hilton or AirBnB which will often feature special discounts based upon location (eg city centre stays) or availability over specific dates such as holidays/long weekends etc.

Again it pays off doing research upfront if flexibility isn’t currently available due to commitments outside of personal control like work etc!

Finally don’t forget that many credit card companies now provide their own discounts when used strategically eg Amazon Prime Visa Signature Card holders receive 12% cashback across partner hotels worldwide…which could potentially be an option worth considering too!

Sign Up For Rewards Programs & Memberships

Hotels usually offer loyalty programs where customers earn points with each stay which they can redeem later for free stays.

These reward programs also often provide exclusive discounts which aren’t available elsewhere so make sure to check them out next time when you’re looking for booking a hotel room and potentially getting the best deal possible!

Sign-up For Special Email Offers or Mailing Lists

By signing up for emails from hotel chains and online travel sites, specifically those specializing in last-minute deals such as Hotwire or Priceline.

You may be alerted to potential savings that may include free upgrades and discounted rates amongst other bonus offers!

Travel During Low Season or On Weekends Only

If possible, consider travelling during the low season or over weekends only when prices tend to be significantly lower than during holidays or mid-week trips.

These days usually come with generous discounts and better amenities packages as hotels try harder attract visitors amidst dwindling customer bases due to the off-season period.